New School Materials for 2 Primary Schools in Sierra Leone

For Vision: Life the second project now comes to an end. With generated donations, two primary schools in the areas of Portee and Leicester in Sierra Leone were equipped with new school supplies and individual students are being supported with grants.

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A pencil, a writing pad and a textbook. It does not actually need much to begin a lesson in a fully equipped classroom. For us this is obvious, but for many children in Sierra Leone the reality unfortunately looks different. Especially in the rural areas of Sierra Leone, the facilities in schools are rather poor. Vision: Life has therefore set up the goal of supporting the access to education as much as possible. But how do you help people who are thousands of kilometers away?

With the support of our project coordinator Rosaline McCarthy, who lives in Sierra Leone and brings along many years of experience in the coordination of educational projects. Based on extensive and systematic needs reports, she could exactly show us what was exactly missing in the schools. The first crucial step was taken in order to implement our first education project in reality.

With 1000 Euros, which slightly corresponds to more than 6 million Leone, we were able to supply Maranatha Community Primary School in Leicester and the Sierra Leone International Community Primary School in Portee with new textbooks, exercise books and pencils.

In addition, we were able to pay the school fees of individual pupils. The finish line is still not yet in sight, because these schools are in a desolate state. Currently there are renovations of the sanitary facilities underway. We will keep you informed about the further development of this process.

Right in the picture: Rosaline McCarthy our
Project Coordinator in Sierra Leone

New school materials for the
Maranatha Community Primary School in Leicester and the
Sierra Leone International Community Primary School in Portee

Pupils of the Sierra Leone International Community
Primary School in Portee



New name, same vision

Feed Our People Campaign e.V. (F.O.P.C.) is now Vision: Life e.V. The organization decided to adopt a new name in November 2015. We are now called Vision: Life e.V. with immediate effect.

With the new name we would like to better express our values and goals of our organization. Our vision is to improve the lives of the people in Sierra Leone, especially after the Ebola epidemic. The main focuses of our organization’s work are raising awareness through information and education projects, which will particularly be directed to the younger generation. The new name Vision: Life e.V. is concise and immediately easy to remember. Previous and future supporters are the driving force for our projects and it is therefore important that they can remember our name well. The team as well as our vision remains unchanged.

We would like to thank you for your support so far and hope that you will continue to remain loyal to us.

Yours sincerely

Vision: Life Team

Ebola charity evening om 17th October

Content guests, a wonderful evening and a happy F.O.P.C.-Team. In these few words one can summarize our ebola charity evening on 17th October. Here, we present a few impressions of the evening. More pictures are following to come.

Media survey

Fellbacher newspaper, 21.10.2015: Nach der Epidemie beginnt die Arbeit


SEZ Stiftung Entwicklungs- Zusammenarbeit Baden Württemberg, Veranstaltungshinweis[detailid]=1084

City Fellbach, Veranstaltungshinweis,14$status,1$info_detail,10667/alle-veranstaltungen.html

Stuttgarter newspaper, 22.06.2015: Ende des Fastens bei der Fiesta

Stuttgarter newspaper, 21.01.2015: Voller Einsatz für die Opfer der Ebola-Epidemie

Stuttgarter news: 21.01.2015: Voller Einsatz für die Opfer der Ebola-Epidemie


Impressions of the Kenema-Project

Motivated volunteers of F.O.P.C. in Sierra Leone have enabled the successfully completion of our first project in Kenema District. With the provided rice bags, smiles could be seen on the faces of the Ebola victims. We have provided a few Pictures that summarizes the impressions of the rice distribution in Kenema District.


img-20150323-wa0000 img-20150323-wa0001

Ebola Victims Receive Donation



It has been accomplished.

The first project of F.O.P.C. has finally achieved its goal:

The Kenema District in Sierra Leone.

Relieved, one could see those who thanks to the generous donations (800,00 Euros, converted value 3,928,070 SLL) could get some bags of rice and finally have their staple food.

The donated rice bags went predominantly to the Kenema District in southeastern part of Sierra Leone, where people are severely affected and limited not only by the Ebola virus, but also by amputation of the last years of civil war.

The fundamental right to food is thus temporarily given at least for some survivors, but further projects / donations remain to be indispensable.

Below we have provided a few selected pictures.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all our donors and participants of our last charity event.

Your F.O.P.C. team

Affected villagers receive the first delivery of rice sacks.