Ebola Victims Receive Donation



It has been accomplished.

The first project of F.O.P.C. has finally achieved its goal:

The Kenema District in Sierra Leone.

Relieved, one could see those who thanks to the generous donations (800,00 Euros, converted value 3,928,070 SLL) could get some bags of rice and finally have their staple food.

The donated rice bags went predominantly to the Kenema District in southeastern part of Sierra Leone, where people are severely affected and limited not only by the Ebola virus, but also by amputation of the last years of civil war.

The fundamental right to food is thus temporarily given at least for some survivors, but further projects / donations remain to be indispensable.

Below we have provided a few selected pictures.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all our donors and participants of our last charity event.

Your F.O.P.C. team

Affected villagers receive the first delivery of rice sacks.